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Ensure Ultimate Product Protection with Custom Mylar Bags

Half Price Packaging creates premium quality Mylar bags that give the utmost protection to the packaged contents. The aluminum foil layer on our small mylar bags is at least 5.4 mils thick. We don’t merely spray Mylar on metalized fabric as other companies do. This makes our packaging bags perfect for food, herbs, and supplements against moisture, dust, temperature, and any potential damage.

We have a huge selection of packaging materials for the designing of mylar bags 5 gallons like metalized paper and kraft. For the last few years, we have been offering them to clients in a wide variety with exclusive customizations. They have served as a tried-and-tested packaging option for long-term food preservation. Moreover, the righteous selection of mylar bag designs will give your bags a distinct appearance to fulfill your marketing needs effectively.


Mylar Bags with Exclusive Customizations and Printing Options

We provide custom Mylar bags with zippers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to cater to your diverse packaging needs while offering free design support. Whether you want standing Mylar bags or pouches, Half Price Packaging is always there to provide you with the desired solutions.

There is a variety of styles available for the customization of bags like ziplock, foil zip seal, final zip seal, heat seal, static shield, tamper-evident, straight edges, and child-resistant with top and bottom loading closures. Your brand will look flawless with the right balance of style, shape, and material.

Custom printed mylar bags feature options such as gusset, round corners, hang tabs, windows, and tear notches that make these bags unique as well as functional. Additionally, you may go with our advanced printing options like digital, screen, and offset to imprint your brand’s name, logo, and product information to assist potential consumers in making the right buying decision.

Why Half-Price Packaging Should be Your First Priority

You must be looking for a trusted manufacturer to buy Honghai mylar bags for your products, right? Now, look no more because Half Price Packaging makes versatile custom Mylar bags that go through standard quality checks. Our team ensures premium eco-friendly bags, which are meant to make your products stand out on store shelves.

We can print colorful bags for customers, And this shaped bag can be customized in different shapes according to your ideas and combined with the design, so that your product will be very attractive to buyers. and, we can choose the most suitable material for you according to the difference between your product. We use food-grade materials with diverse styles and complete varieties. It is very suitable for coffee, tea, and other foods. And there are many types of cookie bags, such as stand-up bags, four-seal side bags, and flat-bottom bags.


PRODUCT – The design is exquisite and easy to tear. tear notch, hanger holes, and rounded corners can be customized according to the different requirements of customers. The zipper can be reused and can store coffee better.

Shipping is free in the USA, Australia, and Canada. However, shipping for other regions is also economical, secure, and fast. You can also qualify for our additional discounts on wholesale mylar bags. Moreover, we ensure free design support and low MOQs. Isn’t it all fantastic? Now get your custom quote to experience all these incredible favors. Our customer service representatives are here to assist you round the clock. Please email  info@honghaipacking.com.

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