How To Choose The Shape Of Custom Printed Mylar Bags

Common bag types of custom-printed mylar bags include three-side seal, four-side seal, back seal, eight-side seal, etc. each bag type has its advantages and characteristics. The choice of bag type is very important. Next, Our custom printed mylar bags will analyze how to choose the bag type from different dimensions.

1. Convenience.
From the perspective of consumers, the more convenient the food packaging bag must be, the better. Then, the food packaging bag with a zipper or self-adhesive mouth is the best choice.

2. Cost.
From the perspective of cost, the trilateral seal is one of the bag types with the highest price. This bag type is the most basic, with a relatively simple production process and convenient use.
Therefore, for manufacturers pursuing cost performance, the trilateral seal is generally the first choice. In addition, the cost of custom-printed mylar bags and side-sealing bags is also relatively low. The bag types of these food packaging bags are very similar.

3. Sale.
From the perspective of sales, the more beautiful the custom-printed mylar bags are, the better. The regular shape, large printing surface, and a standing bag of four side seals, and eight side seals are very suitable.

Under the same specifications, the printing area of this bag type is larger, more convenient for design, and can be placed on the shelf, which is more beautiful. In addition, custom-printed mylar bags are also one of the ways to improve sales. Different bag types can bring freshness to consumers. The changeable style of special-shaped bags and excellent shelf image form a unique attraction in the market and become an important means for enterprises to open up popularity and increase market share.

4. Efficiency.
From the perspective of efficiency, it has nothing to do with the bag type, but with the hardware equipment of the custom-printed mylar bags processing plant.
Our custom-printed mylar bags have a high-speed printing machine and automatic bag-making machine, with advanced equipment and high production efficiency. Printing, compounding, and curing bag making are integrated, and the bag can be produced in 20 days at the fastest.


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