Honghai packaging Company Profile

Honghai is one of China’s principal full-service factories of plastic bags, packaging & wrapping, and films. Our range of merchandise includes conventional industrial packing and exceedingly improved user packaging and novel exceptional films for technical functions. Our company has a global reach as large industrial companies as well as manufacturers of renowned brands from various sectors entrust us to meet their packaging needs and offer sustainable solutions.

We offer dedicated solutions that meet the distinct needs of our customers using innovative technologies. Our company seeks to meet the unique needs of our customers through direct collaboration on our premises and away from our facilities to establish customer satisfaction, which is our main objective. With a wide range of experience and extensive technical knowledge, we continually augment our products to ensure that they are innovative and environmentally sustainable while collaborating with our partners. Hence, we strengthen our competitiveness in the market.

What are our advantages?



We have a strong R&D team that can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers, and many products have been successfully launched and are popular among consumers.


We have our blown film workshop, which can control the cost of the product to a large extent so that the customer can get a large profit margin.


We have our laboratory and advanced testing equipment in the industry. All employees must be neatly dressed. After entering the wind shower door, they can enter the workshop and strictly control their hygiene. Every product before leaving the factory is checked by the inspectors and strictly controlled.

Feel free to contact us for product catalogs, factory visits, custom packaging pouch services, and anything! We’ll serve your request with a whole team after receiving your message. That’s how we do business, and make friends

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