Industries Using Stand Up Pouches

While stand-up pouches may be most familiar in food and cleaning product areas, innovative stand-up pouches have a broad range of use cases across many industries.

Some of these include:

Food and beverage. Stand-up pouches gained their earliest popularity in the food and beverage sector, offering easy-to-use packaging for various juices and single-serve beverages. Numerous styles of food-grade stand-up pouches adorn the shelves of today’s grocery retailers, holding everything from snacks and candies to coffee, sugar, and nuts.

Lawn and garden. Soil, fertilizer, seeds, and other lawn and garden supplies can spill easily when poorly packaged, making them unwieldy and challenging for retailers and consumers alike. With a flat bottom and typically resealable, stand-up pouch bags stay upright and closed.

Pet food and treats. Stand-up pouches provide convenient packaging for pet foods, treats, and other pet care supplies that require frequent opening and closing.

Personal care, bath, and cosmetics. From cleansers and product refills in spouted dispensers to single-use cosmetics and personal care supplies, stand-up pouches offer attractive packaging enjoyed by consumers who can easily squeeze out every last drop of favorite products.

Chemicals. With carefully selected materials and protective barrier films — as well as options such as pour spouts, heavy-duty zip closures, and tear notches – stand-up pouches provide safe and effective packaging for chemical products.

Coffee and tea.The demand for coffee packaging bags continues to rise, mainly because coffee packaging bags can be used in the packaging and processing of different kinds of coffee, which plays a very good role in protecting coffee beans. Coffee packaging bag can shield small molecule gas, liquid, steam, fragrance and so on, so it can play the role of quality, preservation, flavor and prolong the service life of coffee.

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