The best packaging for ground coffee

Coffee Industry Trends

As the coffee market adjusts and responds to volatility, the industry has experienced steady price increases over the past couple of years. As a result, brands are embracing different trends in design and coffee packaging.

Text-based designs and wordmarks that can playfully and boldly convey a brand’s personality

Clever branding that can include almost cartoon-like logos and illustrations.

Nostalgic colors and effects like neon, pastels, and other details can recall on-trend aspects of the 1990s and 2000s

Embracing imperfection conveyed through raw or craft-style packaging and label design that not only can convey artisanal quality but also environmental consciousness.


Critical Components of Coffee Packaging

At the core of all coffee, packaging decisions are two crucial considerations — the coffee itself and the consumer enjoying it. Choosing the proper packaging for the type of coffee you’re producing can make the difference between maximizing shelf life or a product oxidizing and tasting poorly. Therefore, the critical element in coffee packaging is not just the type of packaging (side-fold coffee bags, standing packs, box pouches) but also the type of sealing mechanism and valves for venting.


Because time is of the essence for successfully packaging your coffee production, having nationally-based coffee labeling and packaging partners that are quick and responsive can be a significant advantage to competitors that may try to produce their packaging on a larger scale. However, one aspect that typically remains a challenge despite improvements in material supply chains is the labor shortage to support the manual method of inserting freshness valves. By contrast, HONGHAI has the capability to insert freshness valves during production.

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